“My Dad has stopped caring since my brother D!ed” —Imade’s worrisome chat about her father Davido leaks online

A chat showing Davido’s first daughter, Imade Adeleke’s comments about her father has caused a serious buzz online.

In the chat, Imade complained bitterly about her father not giving her enough attention since her brother died.

According to Imade Adeleke, she felt disappointed that her father wasn’t there for her when she needed him the most.

In her words:

“I love you so much grandma but you know I’ve been really disappointed since my brother died and I need somebody to keep me company and my dad wasn’t there when I needed him.”

See how Netizen React below.

Bcoin_auto reacted: “This pikin never understand say no be only she her papa born ??😂.”

Harkinsanmeeh said: “Your mama no know say na single mother she won do before she carry belle?😂”

Iamdorcasibeh reacted: “Small pikin type this kind long essay?? Ehhhnnn😂”

Mizsterfaithlove_official said: “Hmmmmn Chioma work fear woman 😂.”

Nnenna_blinks_ reacted: “Why is this even posted, what’s the reason? What’s the intent? Even the wiped out text is not completely wiped and you can clearly read that. This Is T0x!c as Fvck. Even more T0xic if that child believes her father isn’t giving her the attention she needs and isn’t there for her.

Mayorsoj added: “I can’t believe Sophia is trying to turn Imade’s back to Davido.”

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