“My husband Must Marry At Least 4 Wives, His Gbola is not for me to Enjoy All Alone”– Nigerian lady discloses (Video)

Although many Nigerian women oppose polygamy, a recent video featuring a middle-aged Nigerian woman endorsing the practice has sparked debates on social media.

In the new clip making the rounds online, the Nigerian lady identified as Tinuke Vibes on Instagram said that her husband cannot marry her alone.

Sending message to her future husband, the lady asserts that if her man cannot marry four wives she can never marry him

According to the lady, she is a considerate person meaning that her husband can’t marry only adding that she doesn’t mind being the second, third or 4th wife.

Backing up her point, the lady said her husband can’t be for only her because the population of ladies is way more than men in society.

She added that as a result fo this she can’t be selfish to the extent that she won’t be able to share her man with other women.

Dishing out advice to ladies of nowadays, Atinuke urged them to change their mentality for peace to reign when it comes to marriage urging them to always allow their men to marry other wives.

She concluded that ladies should follow her path and also marry a man who is rich and capable.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

a_woman_with_a_littmann:  Go girl. Her life, her choice. The problem is that polygamous men will leave this type of women, go after the ones that want monogamy and want to shove infidelity disguised as polygamous down their throats.

aadila1014:  5yrs to this time this video will surface again and hunt you. I just pray when the time comes make d man treat una equally so you won’t come back here to call him out as you social media addict.!

cylifeoftheparty:  I love polygamy. A man is never wired for one woman.

ayoola_ab_: You wey be say e never sure say you go marry, who go marry girl wey get like 5 tattoos for body 😂😂😂.

david90_olly: God bless u jare .. na this kind woman we like to marry .. 😂😂.

topman_tech: Anything to trend sha. Lol. I am a man and i always say anyman that loves peace of mind will never marry more than one wife.

director_martins: lol Women don’t have a problem with you being polygamous. Women only have a problem with you being powerless. As far as women are concerned, with power, you’ve earned your right to be wrong. If she’s tired, polygamy solves it If she’s not in the mood, polygamy solves it If she has low libido, polygamy solves it If she’s unavailable, polygamy solves it If she’s on her period, polygamy solves it If she’s in postpartum, polygamy solves it If she’s acting funny & trying to deny you sex, polygamy solves it If she won’t cook/wants to starve you, polygamy solves it If she’s getting complacent, polygamy puts her on her toes If she’s unsubmissive, polygamy puts her in her place Polygamy solves everything. You just haven’t realised yet.

kuksbox: Social media get memory…. Wa dele gbo.