Naira Marley and his guys k!lled Mohbad after he refused to push coca!ne for them – Late singer’s mother

In a recent interview, Mohbad’s mother revealed some damning details regarding the circumstances leading to her son’s untimely demise.

She disclosed that Mohbad was targeted by a group of individuals, with over three people actively conspiring against him. She described the situation as a collective act.

According to Mohbad’s mother, her son made the courageous decision to sever ties with his former boss, Naira Marley, after being asked to take part in an illegal activity. Specifically, he was allegedly urged to engage in the trafficking of cocaine, a proposal that he vehemently refused to comply with.

She added that Mohbad’s refusal was met with death threats from Naira Marley and his men

Tragically, Mohbad’s defiance ultimately led to his tragic demise, as his assailants followed through on their threats and carried out their malevolent intentions.

Mohbad’s mother expressed deep anguish and lamented the loss of her son, highlighting the profound impact of his premature death on her life.

She lamented the injustice of being deprived of the opportunity to share in the joys of witnessing her son’s successes and accomplishments.

Mohbad’s mother invoked the divine, asserting her belief that God will ultimately judge those responsible for her son’s death.

Translating her words from Yoruba to English, she said:

” Over 3 people planned evil for Mohbad. It was a team work. I had nobody to fight for me. My son decided to part ways with his boss, Naira when he was told to be trafficking coca! ne but he refused. He said he would never do such and they told him they would k! ll him by fire by force and they did. God will judge you all, My son’ s spirit will fight. You took him away from me when it was time for me to start enjoying him. “

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