“No be today she dey reveal body” — 5 Times Ayra Starr’s Clothes Embarrassed her On Stage (Photos)

One of my favorite musicians today is the young and dangerous, Ayra Starr. Not only do I enjoy her music which includes hits such as Away, Beggie Beggie, and of course Bloody Samaritan. I also love her persona and personality. The girl no send anybody and she even expresses this on the opening song of her 2021 album 19 & Dangerous, “Cast” where she sings “If I cast then I cast, anything wey wan sup go sup.”

It is this same attitude that Ayra has taken into her fashion which is daring and bold but sometimes also questionable and open to harsh criticisms from fans.

Today, we’ll be counting down 5 of her looks that have definitely caused her to receive some backlash and embarrassment online. Without further ado, here are 5 Times Ayra Starr’s Clothes Embarrassed Her. Let’s jump right in!

1. Her Vegas High-Slit Gown

First outfit on this list is a dress that caused such a raucous online. During a video that showcased Don Jazzy, Rema, Ayra and a bunch of other MAVIN people in a bus and lined up for an occasion, all eyes landed on Ayra Starr who was wearing a very high-slit dress with a plunging neckline.

The outfit was immediately met with harsh criticism. Some of the comments include people saying, “U don dey naked at the age of 19 hmmm all in the name of fashion well wish u the best“, “Ayra jus naked by all means, she always want to break her waist and every bone in her body, she too do abeg,” “Wait o! Where is it written that as a female celeb, u should suddenly be naked?” Safe to say, this outfit caused a lot of conversation and not in a good way.


2. This Blue Jacket

There’s nothing wrong about Ayra Starr’s blue jacket, it is a nice jacket. The problem came when during a performance at UNIBEN, she decided to throw this jacket into the crowd. This jacket caused a fight. One person by the name of Divine actually got punched in the eyes because of the jacket. According to him, “I didn’t get your jacket. Someone punched me in my eyes. It swolen already. We were dragging the jacket before.”

Ayra responded to the person saying, “so sorry my Starr. Send me a DM.”

Meanwhile the girl who got the jacket was flaunting it all over social media

All this because of one jacket. Wahala causing jacket! 😂

3. Her Black Short Skirt

This one is a funny story. When Ayra Starr was performing in her little shirt and crop top, she started whining and as she was doing it, it was touching a man in the crowd so much so that he said “see small yansh dey shake oh”, it almost made Ayra drop her mic. Here’s what Ayra said:

Here’s the video that seemingly captured the moment:

I guess the skirt was really doing its work.

4. This Pink Skirt and Top

On first look of this outfit, I didn’t see anything wrong and even now looking at, I think it’s a beautiful outfit. But people on the internet did not think so at all! First of all, somebody zoomed into the picture and said: “So na only me see that place

This zoom-in plus the initial picture itself caused an onslaught of backlash. People said things like: “I haven’t seen any of your shows or pics that you dress normal like a normal person, being a super star ⭐ doesn’t mean you should be exposing your dearly privates stuffs“, “Dey try dress responsible small“, and more.

5. Performing In Her Bra In UNIBEN

Finally, one of the most talked about fashion moments from Ayra Starr was when she stripped down to just her bra to perform in UNIBEN. While some people appreciated the energy and commitment to her craft, a lot of people did not like it at all! Some people said: “Na why she no wear cloth?” “Why is she wearing only bra?“, “All these stunts because of fame. She should have untie the bra“, and more.

Hmmm. In such a short amount of time, Ayra has already experienced her fair share of fashion backlash.

Which of these did you think was the most problematic outfit? Also, what do you think of Ayra’s fashion in general? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on our Facebook page post.