No Women Alive wants to Marry a Man that’s still a V!rgin, We all Wants to Marry a Man with experience – Bad Kimmy

Popular socialite, Bad Kimmy opines that women generally do not like male virgins as she insists that many prefer men who are already experienced.

She stated this in a recent podcast whose topic revolved around the obsession people have with virgins.

Bad Kimmy

Bad Kimmy argued that a lot of women around the would have a more stronger preference for men who are virgins than otherwise.

She noted that based on her own preference, she would prefer a man who has experience than one who lacks the experience.

Her co-anchor made similar remark, noting that she as well prefers a man who is versed in the bedroom and not a male virgin.

In her reasoning, she stated that it would be awkward when the lady is a virgin without experience and the man too is also one; they would have no idea about what to do.

Reactions as Bad Kimmy says women generally prefer male virgins …

evelyn____xx said: “While men are delulu and want an experienced virgin else they will keep her at home and go meet experienced outside”

kenechukwu_kenny remarked: “You barbed your sense off And you are entitled to pleasure from someone that have fucked a lot and also treated a lot infection 😂😂😂”

harrys_connect stated: “So we are talking virginity now???
Damn! Y’all really wild”

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real_bisola_ penned: “Me I want a male virgin oo I want too see how a male first time looks like 😂”

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