“None of your followers fit even replace you for prison” — Man warns VeryDarkMan to stop activism

Nigerian man warns controversial activist, VeryDarkMan to take a break from his activism as soon as he gets released from prison.

The man who is a popular content creator on social media shared the video to his Instagram account, jectimi_comedy.

He believes the people VeryDarkMan are fighting for do not appreciate his efforts.

His reason for advising him to stop isn’t because he is bad at advocating for those without a voice; rather, not everyone he defends supports him.

He claimed that with all of VeryDarkMan’s followers online, none of them could reach out to the police to replace him in jail, even if for a few days.

He also added that no one does more than trending his hashtag, everybody else is comfortably living while he is in jail.

Furthermore, he advised the activist to not speak on every topic, instead choose to ignore some, which he believes as the reason why he is currently in jail.

Watch the video here