“Omo! She get Yansh oo” —Meet the young Nigerian lady Jarvis who acts like AI robot (Video)

A remarkable young Nigerian lady, Amadou Elizabeth Aminata, popularly known as Jarvis or Jadrolita, has captivated her audience with her unique character as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot.

Jarvis is a student of Ambrose Alli university in Ekpoma, Edo state. Her exceptional talent shines through as she flawlessly mimics an AI robot persona, captivating audiences in engaging live sessions on TikTok.

Making her talent more creative, she is always seem dressed in a meticulously crafted robot costume, speaking in a manner that perfectly replicates the speech patterns of artificial intelligence.

Jarvis’s TikTok live sessions have gained immense popularity, attracting a substantial fan base eagerly anticipating each of her appearances.

Many enthusiasts marveled at the young rising star who brilliantly assembled her thoughts to entertain fans with unmatched creativity.

Jarvis is 21 years old and hails from Edo state, Nigeria. According to her, her nickname, Jarvis is an acronym for ‘Just A Rather Very Intelligent System’. She was spotted into spotlight in 2023.

Her skillful wordplay brings depth and significance to her robotic alter ego, elevating the overall allure of her performance.

Her unique character has gained her over 600 thousand followers on TikTok with 2 million likes. She has over 500 thousand followers on her Instagram page, giving her a verified account.

She has featured in many skits with many Nigerian celebrities like Lord Lamba, Peller, rapper Slim case among others.

Her net worth is valued to be around $20,000 to $50,000.

Watch some of her videos below: