Oxlade Responds to Interviewer Who Asked Why He Paints His Nails

Menicures – it is a new word I learnt today and it is apparently the term for the current trend we’re seeing of more and more men painting their nails and going for manicures.

One such person who has been painting his nails now for quite some time during the span of his career is singer and songwriter, Oxlade. The singer famously paints his nails black a lot of the time but has also experimented with a lot of different styles.

During an interview with The Beat 99.9FM, the singer responsible for such hits as Ojuju, Away, Want You, and more was asked why exactly he paints his nails. Here’s what he said

Speaking with Oxlade on the Beat 99.9FM, the interviewer asked him why he paints his nails. The conversation didn’t start there exactly but led there eventually. Here’s the excerpt from that conversation:

Interviewer: I was in London the other day listening to mainstream radio and hearing Nigerian music infused in it. Like you’re sitting there and they’re playing the Ed Sheerans and Fireboy and Oxlade is coming on the radio. How does it feel to be in an era when finally the music has crossed over and it’s not one artiste, two artistes, as long as you’re a Nigerian making great music, there’s always an opportunity for you to be heard outside Nigeria. How does that make you feel to be a part of this era of musicians making this kind of music?

Oxlade: I feel like it’s an opportunity for me because of all the generations, it’s this one God decide to put me which feels really great. I feel lucky, I feel blessed. And also it’s a responsibility that’s been put in our hands, I mean the new school generation artistes, to do better. To break the limits. Cuz these OGs are killing it on a big scale. Like they’re smashing the walls, they’re breaking doors. They’re not even knocking the doors anymore. I mean like what took them ten years to do might not take us that long because we’re learning from them: from their mistakes, how they’re doing it, how they’re achieving it. I feel blessed, I feel special to be an Afrobeats artiste because naturally the whole goal is trying to push the African identity to the world that Africans are cool and we have great musicians and we have great facilities. Because there’s this particular image where some people think we here in Africa, we’re still in the jungle and there’s no TV. They feel like we use cans to communicate. So we are the soldiers, we are the people God ordained to use to pass the message. Like yo we’re cool people, we have amazing music, we have everything. We wear earrings

Interviewer: And paint our nails. So what’s up with all that nail painting and everything. I’ve seen you do black constantly.

Oxlade: I’ve done all types don’t worry. I’m big on it.

Interviewer: Why? Because I could get every other thing but I could not really place my hand on this one.

Oxlade: The answer is cuz why not? Because fashion doesn’t have any boundaries. If the ladies love it that’s on them, I’m doing it to enjoy myself. I’m an aesthetic type of person.

Below is the video if you want to watch it for yourself. The awkward moment starts from the 7:13 mark in the video.