Pastor Adeboye deletes post after being bashed over ‘controversial’ prayer after being dragged on Twitter

The senior preacher at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye takes down a post where he made a prayer considered inappropriate.

The RCCG via their X page shared a video of the man of God giving a special prayer, supposedly on the night of the 2023 crossover to his congregants.

In the video, Pastor Adeboye prayed for the upliftment of his members at the detriment of the prosperity of their colleagues; stirring outrage from social media users.

“This time next year, your colleagues will be coming to you for food and refreshment. In every family, there’s someone they call a go-to person; I decree in your family, you’ll be the go-to person,” he stated partly.

The video has since been taken down barely an hour after posting due to the backlash from internet users who condemned the prayer.

How netizens reacted to controversial prayer of Pastor Adeboye

DivineAlfred5 stated: “I don’t know how people shout amen to the wrong prayers. It’s just like says “you’ll be the first billionaire in your family”

oluwamedina wrote: “This man is wicked.. God forbid bad thing.”

Joseph_icon1 said: “Your colleagues will be coming to you for food and you’re happy…. Most people just dey go church make dem no see dem as bad people, see nonsense wey pastor dey cap.”

St_Vin stated: “The only thing I know is that if your colleagues start coming to you for food, then you should be looking for a new job, because it’s only a matter of time before your situation starts looking like theirs.”

olakennyd wrote: “They know Nigerians will misunderstand the prayers and na new year we Dey. They don’t want any dragging for daddy G.O.”

Watch the video below …