“People are always asking whether I cut off my Gbola; But being a woman is beyond what is between your legs” – Bobrisky vents

Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky vents as he addresses the questions which people are always posing to him about his reproductive organ.

The Lagos socialite said that a lot of people are always asking whether his male genitalia is still there or whether he has cut it off.

According to him, that is the very first question people asking when they see him and it’s becoming frustrating.


He added that after being asked repeatedly such a question, he has grown thick skin about it and doesn’t give a toss what people think anymore.

He wrote:

“Stop looking… imagine getting asked every single day if you “cut it off’ “what do you have now “did you get the surgery ? I can’t even think of a day I don’t get a comment about it; even in real life that’s always d first question some people asked me, it sometimes bother me but after many years i develop thick skin and IDGAF anymore. All I’m gonna tell you all is it take B.ALLS being a woman nowadays, And being a woman is beyond what you have btw ur leg. I choose my truth and if you don’t like it S*CK IT.”