Phyna breaks silence on report of Sleeping with 19-year-old singer, Khaid

Controversial reality TV star Josephina Ijeoma Otabor, known well as Phyna, has addressed rumors of dating 17-year-old singer Khaid.

Recall that Phyna and Khaid fueled romance suspicions after posting a cozy photo on social media earlier this year.

The reality personality was highly chastised because of the age gap between her and the musician.

However, in the most recent edition of her Spill With Phyna podcast, Phyna decried society’s hypocrisy, questioning the imbalance between men and women in terms of choosing younger partners.

She said:

“Me and this boy take picture; Khaid. He is young and the picture, I posted is. He posted it as well. Omo, if you see the dragging, ‘Oh Phyna, is this boy you’re dating now?’, ‘Oh Phyna is 30 years old, this boy is 10 years old.’

“It was so terrible that I was now wondering that in this country we have ladies who are married to way older men. So, I want to know the difference between being a younger man and being a younger girl. Why can’t we have the same balance, I thought they said age is just a number?”