“Poverty don use you do Sacrifice?” – Daniel Regha dragged as he shares a proper breakfast recommendation

Daniel Regha, a Twitter personality, has ignited discussions with his suggestion for a wholesome breakfast featuring boiled yam and palm oil sauce.

Daniel Regha has become known for showcasing his delightful culinary creations on the platform, with this breakfast recommendation being just one example.

This time, he shared a plate of boiled yam and palm oil sauce which he highly recommended for breakfast.

Captioning the photo, he wrote: “A proper breakfast; Boiled yam with palm oil sauce…🤗”

Some netizens wondered if he’s okay and why he couldn’t cease from doing PR with poverty.

See some reactions below:

Abuja Podcaster asked: “BRO ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE OKAY?”

TeeTalk said: “Daniel food tray is less than 1k, why double the plates? Every month you unlock NEW POVERTY LEVEL”

Damson suggested: “Proper breakfast” what about Pap and Akara… You are still learning 💯. Pap always comes first when it comes to breakfast, research it.”

Popey wrote: “Daniel you have been doing PR back to back for poverty since last year, how much did she really pay you?”

Promprom asked: “Which junction you pick this food from Daniel ?”

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