Pregnant lady breaks down into tears after husband refused to go buy corn & pear at 1am (Video)


A video making the rounds online has captured moment a pregnant woman burst into tears after her husband informed her there is no place to buy corn and pear at 1 am in the night.

Pregnancy comes with different kinds of weird cravings. They go hand in hand with food aversions, which are also routine for expecting moms. According to some medical expert, cravings for certain foods are linked to a mom-to-be’s nutritional needs.

In the trending video, the lady’s cravings for pear and corn came late in the night and she insisted on having it.

The woman could be seen  wiping away her tears after she began crying when he told her there is no place he could possibly get corn and pear at 1 am.

The video which was shared by her husband was captioned,

“My pregnant wife crying because I told her there’s nowhere to buy corn and pear by 1am in the night”.

Watch the video below:


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The video triggered massive reactions as social media users thronged to comment section to share their thoughts. Some reactions are shown below:

@benedictorchiloane🥰 said, “I wish I was her, I’m also pregnant I can’t eat anything.even drinking water is difficult .I I want to eat well🥺”.

@SharryCool said, “I get corn & pear for my house wey i never boil. Ogini? This tears is too extreme”.

@Empress Phartty ❤️🤩💓 said, “I’m not pregnant Buh it’s 1:25am and I’m craving for fried yam and chicken 🍗”.

@God_Grace said, “Dude come on that heart broken I know how she feel cause I cried cause the corn didn’t taste like I wanted it”

@Chibaby 🧚🏾‍♀️🫧 said, “You guys don’t understand this craving. It’s like you won’t breath if u don’t eat it. The peace of mind after that is top tier 😂😂. God bless mommies”.