“Prophet Zazu” – Watch the moment two fans faint during Portable’s energetic performance in Bayelsa

Nigerian singer, Portable caused a commotion at his recent concert in Bayelsa state when two girls fainted during his performance of his hit songs.

During the show, for which he was paid 10 million, the singer was seen assisting one of his fans who fainted while he was performing.

Shortly after, another female fainted and was promptly attended to by the concert staff.

The incident at the Nigerian singer’s concert prompted many people to share their thoughts in the comment section after the video surfaced on the internet.

See some reactions below:

the governor: “‎zazu is now a prophet.”

ejike1222: “‎na hunger no be faint.”

chrisdo13 Christopher Adetunji: “‎why you they call wahalla, until you get home.”

MJG NYC: “‎Super star love portable.”

Big Alex: “‎is like sazu paid for fainting.”

Bulus Samaila: “‎It’s too much of a crowd and too much heat caused it.”

gracesakwe: “‎plenty miracles really happened here. a guy was also offered a phone bcos he was making video with small button phone.”

mercury lord: “‎they fainted because of the crowd no vetilation.”

stubborn ijaw girl: “‎i never know ooo the one when if i faint heim go send me 5m for malt and milk.”

chiefofstaff0011: “‎It might not be even because of zazu. E fit be say na people body odor don mak them faint cuz some people just wicked for this life.”



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