Reasons why actresses earn more than their male counterparts in Nollywood – Norbert Young

Legendary Nollywood actor Norbert Young has revealed reasons why actresses in the movie business make more money than males.

In a recent interview, 63-year-old Nobert Young revealed the information while talking about the gender pay gap and the development of Nollywood.

Norbert Young

The actor shared his thoughts on the change, saying that women have more negotiating power and hence receive higher pay.

According to Nobert Young, women are more likely to attract wealth since they are more talented than men and are typically well-liked.

“People love women and what they do because women attract more money. And that doesn’t make them wayward. Women are more gifted than men.”

“Although every actor has their bargaining power and maybe the women are bargaining better.”

“But I don’t go asking how much you are paid, and you don’t come asking about my pay. Better is relative, I think it all depends on priorities, and what is better for you might not be better for me.”