“Rema’s politeness needs to be studied” – Netizens hail Rema for repeatedly bowing down to greet Benin crown prince

Musician Rema has been hailed by netizens after he was seen bowing in respect to the crown prince of the kingdom of Benin, Prince Ezelekhae Ewuare.

The remarkable moment Rema met the heir apparent to the Benin throne was caught on video and circulated on social media, as shown in a video that has been making the rounds on social media.

The ‘Calm Down’ singer was seen in the brief video entering the prince’s room, bowing as soon as he walked in, and then approaching him.

The singer, who is 23 years old, bowed roughly three times as she approached Prince Ewuare. Rema then shook hands with the heir apparent to the Benin kingdom.

Once pleasantries had been given, Rema acknowledged and respected the other people in the room by shaking hands and bowing to them.

Check out the amazing video below:


The video has caught the attention of many as they praise Rema for being respectful.

Chichi1beke: “Rema’s politeness needs to be studied .”

Je_ssy_cah_: “Home training wan wound Rema❤️”

Skyvicky_: “Rema is so humble .”

_.believer8: “Rema is my fave because he can sing and he has good qualities…omo humility really pays. Meanwhile ‘make humility no go turn me màlúù’.”

_.yehoshuah._: “See as baba dey bow for hin elders .”

preye.xx: “He’s so respectful.”