Ruth Kadiri dragged for kissing in a movie after saying she would rather quit acting than kiss any man on set

A Facebook user with the handle GBoy de Vibrant has called out actress Ruth Kadiri over her kissing scene in a movie.

Ruth Kadiri had reportedly made no secret of her dislike for on-screen romance, especially kissing roles.

A snippet from the movie “Rude China,” on the other hand, refutes her earlier claims where she mentioned that she would not engage in any romantic scene.

Ruth Kadiri had declared that she would prefer to give up acting than kiss screen.

She underlined this choice, saying it was a deliberate one that hasn’t prevented her from landing acting roles.

However, the movie “Rude China” implies a deviation from her declared concept notwithstanding her stance.

The Facebook user posted saying;

“Ruth Kadiri once said that “she’d rather quit acting than kiss in a movie” but this movie title “Rude China” is evident enough that all that were just words one thing I’d love to comment on here is that they’re some movies that if they don’t kiss it’ll not look real and emotional, so I understand why maybe she’ll go against her words by kissing. 

Read what she said here: “I don’t kiss in movies. I used to do that before, but I stopped. It’s a conscious decision I took years ago and since that time, I’ve not died, I’m still getting gigs,” Ruth said. 

But She’s still one of the most descent, Private, and disciplined in the game, so let’s give her flowers.”