“Seat na seat” Israel DMW discloses as he explains why he’s flying economy class

Davido’s Aide and Logistics Manager IsraelDMW recently shared a behind the scenes photo of his recent trip outside the country.

He told his followers and fans that he was currently flying Economy class and also revealed his reasons for doing so.

He stated that Economy class was priced at 3 million Naira while Business class was priced at a whopping 8 million Naira.

He humorously disclosed that at the end of the day “seat na seat” which had a lot of netizens cackling in the comment section of blogs.

Now, recall that a few days days ago IsraelDMW had shared more details on his current relationship with his estranged wife Sheila Courage.

The two who have been in a very public ongoing marital battle were recently on the news once again after Israel shared the condition his ex-wife gave to him him to do before she would come back to him.

He revealed that his ex-wife had told him that he had to pay 10 million Naira before she could come back to him.

He narrated how he is he always tries to cut things according to his coat hinting at the fact that he would not be able to cater to her and gives her the 10 million Naira that she was requesting for.

Israel has been very vocal about his relationship problems with Sheila.
Recently he called out her best friend Gina accusing her of being a prostitute who is trying to pimp his wife out to men.

He had also called out Sheila for being with him for the wrong reasons even stating that she had only been with him so that she can become an influencer.

Sheila at the same time had also shared her own side of the story. She has revealed that while she was with Israel she had gone through emotional and even physical abuse