“See Leaders of Tomorrow” —Unilag stud€nt captured g!v!ng h€@d to h€r Male Coll€ague dur!ng Trüth 0r D@re G@me (Video)

The truth or dare game play by them give win her to give him a head one suck1n and she publicly did it, cheers to the party and the surprises within the party.

The lady gave the surprised guy the blw j0b during a truth or dare game at the house party.
She carried on with the act while others gasp3d and let out shouts of excitement.


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Tønto Dikeh m!stakënly Expøsëd her N!!!pp|e on L!ve video

Recently, Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh made headlines after photos of her swimming surfaced online, revealing her nipple. The photos quickly went viral, sparking debates on social media about nudity and body shaming.

While some people criticized Tonto Dikeh for exposing her nipple in public, others defended her, arguing that it was her body and she had the right to do whatever she wanted with it.

Some also pointed out that men often swim without wearing shirts, and it was unfair to judge women for doing the same.

However, its worth noting that public nudity is generally frowned upon in Nigeria, and the country’s laws prohibit indecent exposure.

Some critics argued that Tonto Dikeh should have been more mindful of her actions, especially as a public figure and role model to young people.

Regardless of the debate, Tonto Dikeh’s actions have sparked a conversation about body positivity and the right to express oneself freely. While some may criticize her for exposing her nipple, others see it as a bold statement of self-confidence and empowerment.

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