“She deserves award” – Secondary school girl saves stranger who collapse on road after his inhaler finished (Photos)

A brave secondary school girl has emerged as a real-life hero when she saved a stranger who collapsed on the road due to an asthma attack after running out of his inhaler.

The heartwarming incident was shared on the micro-blogging platform with handle, @Algorithmprime, and series of photos showcasing the young girl’s quick thinking and selfless act surfaced online.

In the report, the man in critical condition slumped on the road, surrounded by onlookers desperately searching for a way to rescue him. Then, the compassionate school girl, who happened to be passing by in a tricycle on her way home, swiftly emerged, extracting her inhaler to administer life-saving aid to the man.

As news of this incident spreads wide, social media users and admirers alike are praising the young girl for her selfless act.

The post reads, “This man slumped on the road today his Inhaler has finished we were all rushing to find a way to save him and then this little school girl rushed out of a keke taking her home brought out her inhaler to save a complete stranger. There is hope for humanity”

Checkout the photos below:

Some reactions are shown below:

@Samwellwyd said, “What’s her bank account Number Twitter people will raise it😁”.

@TheUniversalGi1 said, “A scholarship is way better”.

@naati_bryhms said, “They will sponsor her education,ABI make me sev go faint for road ni”.

@ongodbenefit said, “No be lie my bro…😁 Raise am Raise …….vuuuuuuuummmmmm”.