“She married me with N200K in my account”- Man praises wife

Nigerian man shares how his wife married him with only N200K in his account as he faults ladies of these days for looking for ready-made men with big salaries.

The man shared the story behind his marriage while reacting to BBNaija Rachel’s statement advising women to not go out with men who earn from N800K and below.

The man revealed that when he got married to his wife, all he had was just N200K in his account with no source of income.

He added that he was living with his grandma and had two bikes to his name.

However, his wife had stuck by him through their difficult period. He expressed that he feels sorry for ladies of this generation.

“She married me with 200k in my account, and we lived in a single ROOM in my grandmother’s house. There was no real source of income except two bikes in my name. Today, we are thanking God.
Some of you ladies are just unfortunate, fellow,” he wrote.

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