“Soma don knack her tire” —Reactions As Reality tv star Angel Smith announces she’s celibating

In a recent development, reality TV star Angel Smith has announced that she is currently on a celibacy journey. This revelation, which surprised a lot of netizens, was made on the X-Platform about a day ago.

She revealed her resolve to drink drinking okra water once she gets home.

She also told her fans and followers to wish her luck because she is on a celibacy journey.

Last week, Hitgist had  reported that Angel Smith and Soma Apex had sparked breakup rumors after Angel unfollowed him on Instagram.

After unfollowing him, she also deleted all of their pictures together, sparking rumors that there was fire in their relationship.

Soma, on the other hand, had not deleted any of her pictures and has not lended any fuel to these breakup rumors.

However, about a few days ago, Hitgist reported that Angel’s mom had engaged in an online spat with the troll. It all started when Soma had taken to the X-Platform to reveal that he was on a spiritual journey, hinting at the fact that he was celibate and that he had been fasting for some days.

A particular netizen, assuming that he was on this journey because of a  breakup, told him to move on from Angel. This netizen also went on to call out Angel for being wayward.

Angel’s mother, Titilaya Brownsugar obviously offended by this, immediately took to the X-Platform to slam this user. The X-Platform user, on the other hand, revealed that she had failed as a mother by raising somebody like Angel.

Angel’s mother,, slammed this netizen by revealing that the X-Platform user was a depressed soul.