“Someone Should Carry this Rude little thing out of my House” – Watch the Moment Mummy Dollarz throws Aunty Ramota out of her house for refusing to greet her (Video)

A video of Mummy Dollarz, the mother of well-known Nigerian comedian Oluwadolarz, showing small-sized actress Aunty Ramota the exit door after she declines to greet her, is making the rounds on social media.

Aunty Ramota was spotted getting ready for a movie shoot at Mummy Dollarz’s house in a video that went viral.

She was requested to kneel and welcome when the mother of the Skitmaker spotted her, but she angrily refused. This prompted Mummy Dollarz’s daughter, who was also on stage, to respond right away.

Mummy Dollarz wasn’t going to stand by when Aunty Ramota rushed off in rage. She yanked her back violently, demanding a formal welcome, but Ramota refused to comply.

Mummy Dollarz immediately gave her the order to leave her home, fueled by rage at her obvious disrespect.

Aunty Ramota became so enraged that she stormed out of the home and stood outside the gate.

Mummy Dollarz came over to give her another harsh rebuke for her disrespectful behavior, her grin barely masking her simmering rage.

She didn’t take long to inform her son Oluwadolarz about Ramota’s actions, and he came over right away.

After a few minutes of convincing and several interventions from other set members, Aunty Ramota finally gave in.

She bowed deeply and respectfully to Mummy Dollarz, expressing her genuine apologies. The two exchanged heartfelt embraces as their rendezvous came to an end.

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