“Take! Go and sin no more” – BBNaija’s Erica gifts a man a ‘whopping’ 100k after he apologized for trolling her

Reality TV sensation Erica Nlewedim is making waves on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, showcasing her knack for stirring conversations.

In a recent turn of events, Erica generously rewards a man with a substantial N100k prize after he apologizes for making fun of her.

The saga unfolded when Erica shared a video of herself engaging in pole dancing. The reality TV personality disclosed that she had been a pole dancer three years ago and is now enthusiastically revisiting the art. She posted a video receiving instructions from her teacher during a class.

Following her pole dancing video, actress Erica faced severe online criticism, with many scrutinizing both her skin tone and dancing abilities.

Despite being a skincare products ambassador, actress Erica faced criticism for perceived black patches on her skin.

Unamused, she urged detractors to refrain from interacting with her posts, reserving them for her admirers.

She wrote; “Please leave me alone this year, I really have no interest engaging with you people who don’t like me, leave my posts for people who do and focus on things you actually like, y’all were complaining about being broke I’m sure insulting me hasn’t fixed your problems, focus on that🥰.

“All it takes to make haters become a$$ kissers is for me to announce I’m doing a giveaway, have some shame this year, if you don’t like me please dont engage with me 🙏🏽.”

Erica decided to host a giveaway on X in a subsequent tweet, claiming that she will offer N100K to anyone who can explain to her why they are her detractors and how they have changed. She claimed she will look into previous trolling and apology.

Erica wrote; “100k for two people who can tell me they’re why they’re my trolls and how they’ve changed 🤭 I’m obviously going to pick based on proof of past trolling and an apology.”

A Twitter user identified as Darey hopped by telling Erica about him trolling her and the apology.

He wrote; “At first I didn’t like you because people always ins ted you.Even after BBN I still didn’t like you. Anywhere you were been digged I was always there no matter what. Few months after BBN I followed you, then I started noticing your tweets(you’re a calm and cool person).”

Erica utters; “Lmaooo share screenshots of previous trolling and your apology with your account details.”

Darey apologized; Had the tweets with my previous account (Talesboy) which was suspended @EricaNlewedim I’m sorry for everything I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.”

Reacting, Erica responded by sending her 100k. according to her, the N100 is for him, while the K is for speech. Meaning N100 was only sent to him.

She wrote; “100 sent, K for the speech🤭 enjoy your 100k, go and sin no more!”

See reactions below;

uceemania: The guy go think say na bank make mistake 😂😂😂.

ziziiofficial: 100 naira sent, K for the speech😂😂😂 What an embarrassment..*

taaooma: 😂😂 can you imagine!

n6oflife: Hahaha🤣🤣 well done @ericanlewedim mad concept for the haters. N100 with one K 😂😂😂.

ignatius_oparaocha: Spiritually, what Erica just did now is powerful, mind you; this comment isn’t for those that are not spiritually sensitive.

laurettaegboh: She feels like just throwing away money. Things are so hard in the country and there are penurious people who genuinely need the money. This is so unnecessary.

iamanonymous9ja: 100k for ur dignity? My brother enjoy ur badge of honor 😂 u earned it.