“Thank you for Being Part of this Amazing Magic” — Actress Jaiye Kuti Shower Praise On Femi Adebayo Over His Role In Her Recent Movie.

Veteran actress Jaiye Kuti has hailed Femi Adebayo over the role that he performed in a new movie produced by Jaiye Kuti.

The veteran actress revealed that she missed Femi Adebayo at the movie premiere but she is sure that he was with them in the spirit.

She appreciates everyone who joined them at the private screening and also sends a big message to Femi Adebayo who has the lead role In the move.

Fans and celebrities give a quality review on the movie as they are all requesting for part two of the move on YouTube.

She wrote: My darling Hon. Femi you’re greatly missed at the event. I know you’re with us in the spirit and I pray for your safe travels back. Thanks for being part of this amazing magic. I miss not having you around .
I love you ❤️💕 @femiadebayosalami

From the Producers of BLACKSMITH.Alagbede, We want to say a big thank you for joining us for the private screening of #BLACKSMITH.Alagbede .
Your company during the event was a delight, and we appreciate you making the effort to attend and celebrating with us. Eseun o 🙏🙏.

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Mallam.baturee wrote: @jayeola_monje the movie is worth the search , and I’ll be glad if you can ma
Best regards
A fan ✨🙌

Dollarbillyoung wrote: @blackpride22 Agba director. I salute you.

Ola_abiss wrote: May God bless your effort..

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