“This Is A Very Knowledgeable Answer”– Netizens React To The Critical Questions Asked By Kunle Afod During A Ramadan Lecturer And The Best Answer By The Alfa

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Veteran actor Adebayo Salami has shared a video of the critical questions being Asked by Kunle Afod during a Ramadan Kareem Lecture That Stirred a massive reaction online.

According to him, he asked if a Gynecologists can touch a woman’s breast during the Ramadan period to save her life or if a soldier who is fighting can kill his enemies during a battle while fasting.

The third question is whether is it possible for an actor or actress to eat during a movie shot while fasting because most of them reject the role because they are fasting.

He was given an expert and knowledgeable answer by the Alfa of the Ramadan Lecture.

Adebayo wrote: @kunleafod asked critical questions at @adebayo.salami Ramadan Lecture.

Read the social media reaction in the video below;

Adebayomi___x20 wrote: I have a question. I will be happy if I can get an answer to this. If a Muslim person is  sick and the person have use all sort of things both medically, prayer and herbs etc but still no changes. But there is only one solution to get heal but the solution is to Eat Pig meat which is an haram for Muslim. Can the person eat it just to get better and ask for forgiveness after???

Bukky_subair wrote: Set of Intelligent questions and a very insightful response from the Alfa . We learn everyday 🙌

Temmylipstick wrote: Wow.
This man is full of knowledge,wisdom and understanding.. monsha Allah❤️.. He answered the last question without abusive/insulting words.. He’s indeed Alfa ✅

Dellysax wrote: This sheikh IG handle is very important .. his full of wisdom and he didn’t carry religion over humanity.. we learn everyday.. 👏👏

Harzeem_larvich wrote: Sheik Abdrul Rasaq Woleola Afakalahu  founder and missioner Al mubins society Nigeria And overseas

Ibsanusi__ wrote: Islam is not a difficult religion. It has clear principles and guidelines. The problem remains widespread ignorance which unfortunately is also being spread by many half-baked, political and sensational clerics. May Allah bless and multiply clear minded and thoughtful clerics like this in Islam. Very clear answers.

Watch him below: