“This is disrespectful, How Can You Carry Adult Like A Baby”— Odunlade Adekola Stir Reaction As He Carry Actress Aunty Seyifunmi Like His Baby in new Video

Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola has stirred massive reaction with the way seyifunmi a short dwarf that was present at the birthday ceremony of Odunlade Adekola.

The way Odunlade Adekola carried a whole seyifunmi like his baby has got many people talking about how will he carry an adults that way.

He was even dancing while still carrying her.

He appreciates everyone that turn out for his birthday ceremony.

He Wrote: Thanks for coming I appreciate you all.

Revolutiongospelmission wrote: kind thing for overseas na lawsuit o. Did she ask him to carry her? She could easily sue him for sexual assault especially him being a celebrity. Easy money loading.

Aremooba_wrote: Happy 1 year birthday to your daughter 😂😂😂 This Egbon no go kill person with laugh

Johnjoy295 wrote: Na person serious girlfriend u carry like baby so o😂😂😂

Mcstevolar wrote: Happy birthday to you sir ❤️wish you long life and prosperity in Jesus name ❤️

Oluwakemiadeyinkaidowu wrote:Happy birthday to you sir, wish you long life and prosperity ijn

Watch The Video Below: