“This is How I seduce my husband Anytime I’m in the Mood” – Mercy Johnson Share a bedroom scene with. mysterious man, Video Stir Reactions -(Watch)

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson triggers hilarious reactions with a recent video she posted online

A video capturing moments from a movie set featuring renowned Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson and a male actor has caused a stir online.

In the footage, Mercy Johnson portrays a holy Prophetess preparing for intimacy, while her on-screen husband hesitates, citing her heavily adorned and unattractive attire.

A video capturing some on-set moments of the famous Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson and a man has triggered a frenzy online.

In the video, Mercy Johnson who played the role of a holy Prophetess is seen preparing herself for intimacy with her husband, stating that he (her husband in the movie) shouldn’t hold her responsible for not presenting herself for intercourse.
The man on the other hand appeared reluctant to sleep with Mercy Johnson stating that she was overly clad with attires which would make it difficult for them to ‘conjugate’.

Reacting to the funny clip, Actress Nkechi Blessing wrote:

“What are you doing ma.”

Responding, Mercy Johnson said:

“@nkechi_blessing_sunday NK, I am seducing my husband.”

Others reacted accordingly:

Influencer, Enioluwa wrote: “The Mercy Johnson. Abeg! Please don’t let me choke, I’m eating!”

mrs_robella_toprah_asante wrote: “After all the barricade. But let ke ask o. So now they said action, you have to repeat the scene again.”

mahwekwerecall wrote: “I have watched it already what a nice movie very interesting movie.”

nonso_ugezu wrote: “The beautiful woman like I said before and I will say it again and again you are the best actress in the whole world you know that more life to your business more blessings to you and your darling husband and your beautiful childrens.”

officialbhigshaq wrote: “With your deeper life Skirt and fire on the mountain Top, how you wan take seduce man?😂😂😂.”

kyljah wrote: “Heyyyyy none can test . Mercy you are the baddest in the game . Baddest . I don’t even have to hear you talk I look your videos on mute . Cracks me up. 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

khaddenrodriguez wrote:  “I have been watching this lady for more than twenty years now and she never fails me😂😂 Sending from the United”

valazat wrote: “Which is conjugate again na this woman 😂😂😂😂😂😂.”