“This is The life Judy wanted but SAPA sat her down & said NO” —Netizens react as May Edochie takes dinner in the sky in Dubai (Photos)

Since her separation from her husband of nearly two decades, May Edochie has been living her best life and making herself and her kids her major priority.

The mother of three has tensioned netizens after she shared photos of her taking dinner in the sky. Recall that Hitgist reported days back that the influencer is in Dubai on a business trip.

May Edochie, in a joint post on her Instagram page, shared a clip of her living life to the fullest as she enjoyed dinner above the city of Dubai. She described the dinner as delicious.

“Dinner above the city of Dubai”, she captioned the post.

As expected, many used the opportunity to take a swipe at her rival, Judy Austin for desiring such a lifestyle but enduring with Yul.

One Suzzy Skin wrote, “The life Judy wanted but SAPA sat her down & said NO

One May Nation wrote, “Some people are on TikTok begging to meet up. Judy thought this would be the life she would be living Obasi curse am

One Spicy Mami wrote, “They are about to post dancing videos

One Nah Yongha wrote, “Yul Edochie and Judy Austin dey pray, e dey show for May Edochie body. God is good

One Chy4 Chizzy wrote, “Some people go soon climb a rooftop for their own dinner

One Angel 01 Montana wrote, “May was the backbone of the marriage but as a good woman she was submissive and allowed her husband take the glory and Judy saw it and felt Oga was the don, now she don go snatch rubbish but shame no fit allow her leave. She has to keep enduring

One Spice Luxury wrote, “They are still TikTok ING and begging for TikTok gifts.

One Charlys Angel wrote, ‘Them dey do church service today TikTok. Yul dey sing praises and worship but Judy dey observe TikTok gifters

One Hawa wrote, “From the look of things, she has killed both of them’ stars. No endorsement deal, no good people want to associate with them. What a pity”.