“This kain money Igbo People Spray dey Always fear me” – Speculations trail stash of money spent by businessmen at wedding

A group of party attendees make money rain at the wedding of their colleague to his bride, stirring a whirlpool of reactions on social media.

A video making rounds captured the glorious wedding of a couple whose highlight was the support of their friends and family.

In the video, several guests, both male and female took the frontline to shower stashes of money on the newly wedded couple.

The majority of the money denomination was N200 notes filled the air and every corner of the event platform, stirring reactions online.

Reactions trailing stash of money spent by businessmen at wedding

dear_hopeee penned: “Otedola attended Kunle Remi’s wedding but we didn’t see him do all these. Do the maths yourself!”

paulina_ekua_appiah added: “Billionaires this year like this comment with faith 😍.”

official_wendy__ opined: “This people either do drugs or scam people and that’s on a periodt….You can argue with you dead keyboard.”

iam_victorobi noted: “So if I decide to spray like 500k for my guy wedding you go ask me which work I dey do ????”

maasoroju penned: “Is this not 200 naira mint and you are still questioning? Wait till you see those that will be spraying 1k mint and 100 dollar like say na water 😂😂😂😂.”

Watch the video below …