TikToker, Flossy Naci accuses her boyfriend, Big Jhay of being gay. Leak Evidence

Famous Nigerian TikToker, Flossy Naci releases a three-part video series exposing her model boyfriend, Big Jhay, with allegations of being gay.

The Nigerian TikTok community was left in shock after the lifestyle and fashion influencer used her platform to reveal intriguing details about her presumed ex-boyfriend.

Titled “Who the f**k was I dating,” Flossy Naci delves into the story of how she met her boyfriend, who is an Instagram model, and their relationship journey.

According to her, she financially supported his lifestyle and assisted him with various matters throughout their relationship. However, she started noticing peculiarities as time passed, particularly regarding his close relationship with another man who happened to be his manager.

Without holding back, Flossy disclosed how she uncovered her supposed boyfriend’s unusual connection with his manager, to the extent that despite living in a two-bedroom apartment, they shared the same room for sleeping.

She further revealed damning information about her former partner, causing a stir in the Nigerian TikTok community. As of now, Flossy has teased a fourth part of her video series to share additional insights about her past relationship.

Netizens eagerly anticipate further revelations from the influencer, but until then, they can watch all three videos where she makes strong allegations about her ex.

Watch the video below …


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