Top Popular Yoruba Actors Who Have 4 Sons With Only One Woman

The ways in which God works would still confound every soul on the planet. The All-Powerful God works miracles; as a result, some women bear only boys, some only girls, some mixed-race families, and still others are childless.

Instead of this, there are a ton of famous people from Nigeria who have lovely kids. However, unlike many others who had mixed-race children with their spouses, these two Yoruba actors have been blessed with four sons;

Odunlade Adekola,

A well-known Yoruba actor, is one of Nigeria’s most gifted actors and a multi-talented individual. The charming Nigerian actor is a content man who is fortunate to have a great family.

Odunlade Adekola married his wife, Ruth Adekola in 2003 even before the actor becomes more famous in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

According to research, the couple reportedly met at a vigil and it was love at first sight but Ruth was at first adamant to accept Odun’s proposal because of his celebrity status.

Ruth Adekola popularly called Mummy D4 gave birth to 4 children for the popular Nigerian actor who are all boys. According to reports, his 4 sons are named with the letter D.

Unlike many other celebrities, Odunlade Adekola has been able to keep his children away from the media as little is known about them but it’s reported that his sons would also love to be an actor like him.

Kunle Afod;

Kunle Afod is sometimes called the Baba for the boys because of his 4 sons. One of the actor’s, Omiayo is already following in the footsteps of the popular Yoruba actor as he has featured in many blockbuster Yoruba movies. He is doing amazingly well in the industry with the obvious help of his talented father.


Although, they are blessed with handsome sons but these couples might still be hoping and praying to have a daughter too.