“Toyin Lawani is the most uncultured bush lady that we have in Nigeria” Dr Rommel slams Toyin Lawani, Laura Ikeji and Faith Morey (video)

If you have a chair next to you then take a seat, and this is because the tea is hot among the cast of the Real Housewives of Lagos show.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Dr Rommel of the RHOL spilled some major tea that is bound to shake the internet. The reality television star stated that Toyin Lawani is one of the most uncouth people he had met, and that she also uncultured.

Dr Rommel didn’t stop there, as he said that Toyin Lawani couldn’t spell her name without someone else aiding her to do it. Now what could have prompted this statement from Dr Rommel.

Toyin Lawani wasn’t the only one to receive the brunt of Dr Rommel’s sharp tongue, as Faith Morey was also dragged into the midst. He claimed that at first, he wanted to be friends with Faith Morey, but she ended up back-s*****g him, and this led to the end of their friendship.

On a final note, he spoke about Laura Ikeji, stating that she had family issues, and that she projected those issues on the show, hence his constant squabbles with her.

When he was done with his cast mates, Dr Rommel focused a little bit on himself by saying that people often think that he isn’t a real doctor, and they often assume that the title is simply a fancy one.

Upon being probed by Chude if he was encouraging plastic surgery and Botox procedures in Lagos, Dr Rommel took full responsibility, and even went on to show that he had gotten botox himself.

This whole situation with Dr Rommel shading his cast mates is in direct contrast with a recent statement he made, stating that the housewives needed friends, and that is why he was included in a predominantly female show. If this is his version of friendship, then what will making him a foe look like?