“Two of you are not normal” – Apostle Suleman reacts as loverboy seeking advice narrates his complicated relationship

Apostle Johnson Suleman reacts amusingly to the complicated relationship issues of a loverboy who came to seek advice during church service.

A viral video at the Omega Fire Ministries, headed by the controversial preacher, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has caused buzz online.

In the video, Apostle Johnson Suleman was shown laughing uncontrollably while the loverboy narrated his ordeal.

The young man who was narrating his ordeal during the church service did not identify the source of the conflict between himself and his girlfriend, but he did say that after a fight, the woman called it quits and offered to pay him back for all he had ever spent on her.

The loverboy disclosed how he had used a calculator and a pen to calculate all of his expenses and submitted the total to her.

He was anticipating his money to be deposited in his bank account when the girl told him he needed to come and get it physically. When she arrived, the girl resorted to begging him because she realized she did not have money to pay.

The girlfriend suggests that they forgive each other and continue their relationship, which confuses the lover boy. This prompted him to consider his options during the church service.

Apostle Johnson Suleman stated that they were both fools and that the boy, in particular, should have handled the situation properly. The congregation was continuously howling with laughter.

Watch the video below…