“What daughter? When last did you call her” Alleged Leaked chat between Queen and Lord Lamba surfaces

In a recent development, more informations has continued to emerge on Lord Lamba and Queen Mercy Atang’s tumultuous relationship.

In a recently circulating leaked chat, Queen allegedly calls out Lord Lamba for not being present for their daughter. She also revealed that he only send 150,000 monthly upkeep for their daughter which was not enough.

Queen Mercy and their daughter

She further expressed that even though he was trying to paint her out as a cheat, she had been extremely loyal during the course of their relationship. She further called him out for being a dog and sleeping with different girls even when they were dating.

Lord Lamba and their daughter

She dragged him for coming to their daughter’s birthday with security guards which made the security men uncomfortable while also calling him out for not dancing with their daughter Keilah.

“You decided to come to her 1 yr old baby party with security with gOs into the venue, you couldn’t even drop your security outside. You didn’t even come as a father, you acted as a guest and came with your girls and security with g hs to your own daughters party, you couldn’t even think of the children at the party.

Like how senseless can you be?, you came late and left after an hour left for an engagement party with your girlfriend to your ex manager engagement party at the Beach.

You’re a big disppiontment of a father. You didn’t dance with your child, Or stand up to spray her money. Or create an impact as a father, you came as a guest n left as a guest. lol

And expect me Queen to say hello to you. Never.”

Now also recall that some hours ago, Hitgist had reported on the first half of the leaked chat. In the Chat, Lord Lamba had slammed Queen for not being loyal and moving on with another man in just a month after she told him she loves him.