“What’s the difference between you and Bobrisky?” Man questions Verydarkman

In a recent development, media personality known as Uncle Nasco has slammed VeryDarkMan following his statement about BobRisky being gay.

Earlier today, VeryDarkMan had gone on social media to make a mini rant about BobRisky. He revealed that a person like BobRisky was supposed to be behind bars because he had come out publicly as gay and yet, for a country that legalizes gay, he was still free.

However, Bob Risky retorted sharply slamming Very Dark Man. He revealed that VeryDarkMan had personally engaged in a lot of gay activities and that he even knew some of the men that VeryDarkMan was running with. He further warned VeryDarkMan to leave his name out of his mouth.

Now, this media personality known as Uncle Nasco blasted VDM as he revealed that BobRisky and Very DarkMan were in the same boat.

In his words, he stated,

“what is the difference between you and Bob Risky?”

He also revealed that VeryDarkMan had last year come out to reveal that he had engaged in some sexual acts with men for money. However, he had stated that he was not gay and had only done it for money.

Uncle Nasco further stated that for him to have engaged in a sexual act with another man for money, then there is a part of him that is gay hence why he should not be openly blasting BobRisky.