“Which one is Worse? Marrying the wrong partner or marrying into the wrong family?” Rachel Edwards throws question at netizens

In a recent development, reality TV star Rachel Edwards has taken to the X platform to throw a question at people.

She asked her fans and followers on Twitter if they would rather marry the wrong partner or marry into the wrong family. While there were different answers to her question, reality TV star Phyna jumped in with an answer.

She revealed that she would much rather marry into the wrong family than marry the wrong partner. However, others chose to marry the wrong partner because they revealed that marrying into the wrong family would be extremely disastrous for a person. Some other netizens chose none of the above.

Rachel Edward

Now, recall that a few days ago, Rachel Edwards had taken to the X platform to express that any man who was not making up to 800,000 Naira should not be able to date a girl. She further expressed that 800k was not even enough money to buy a really luxurious wig. However, the netizens had slammed her for her statement.

Particularly, controversial media personality Daddy Freeze had taken to the comment section to slam her pointedly for her statement. He expressed that there are some girls who would make such statements and get away with it but she couldn’t because she was not in the category of those girls. He further revealed that an 8 or a girl that is a 10 can make that statement but because she was nowhere near that number, she could not make the statement.

Reacting to this, Rachel Edwards retorted back at him and slammed him for being broke. She also revealed that he should continue his Tiktok videos where they give him meager change instead of trolling her for her opinion.