“Who gave you permission to go for that BBL, Why don’t you inform me your husband?” – Yul Edochie continues to drag first wife, May

Popular actor, Yul Edochie continues to drag his wife, May Edochie as he demands to know who signed the consent form for the bosom enlargement surgery she underwent.

It would be recalled that the actor had come out to spill some of the alleged secrets he had been withholding.

He had stated that his wife has been making him look bad in the eyes of the public when she had a lot hidden.

In a new post, he demanded to know who signed the consent form which was given before her surgery.

He stated that she had claimed to he sick during the period that she underwent the surgery.

Yul wrote:

“God forbid, if you had lost your life while undergoing breast enlargement surgery, which you didn’t tell your husband about, What would people have said?

Yul has killed that innocent woman, abi? Everybody will be insulting me.

Who signed the consent paper?

I was out of town then, working.

You told me you weren’t feeling too well, I was Saying sorry, I didn’t even know what was going on, till much later.

And you still came out on social media in your calm voice, telling people you had been sick and recovering.

And they were pitying you & insulting me. Why didn’t you tell them the truth, that you went for breast enlargement surgery? Enough of the manipulation.

You have done enough.”