“Who give am Yoruba jollof” — Kai Cenat prefers Ghana Jollof, says Nigerian Jollof is too spicy for him

American streamer, Kai Cenat reveals after that he prefers Ghana jollof to Nigerian jollof because the latter is too spicy for him.

The streamer who visited the two African countries took to his platform to rave about the greatness of the two nations.

Kai Cenat revealed that he had a very beautiful experience while in Nigeria and he likened it to the popular mobile video game, GTA 6.

He raved about the love, support and culture he got in Nigeria and listed it among the best countries he has visited.

Even though, he admitted the Jollof rice was good, he stated that it is very spicy and he had not gotten to that level of spiciness yet.

He acknowledged the Ghana Jollof to be better in this regard.

The streamer sent his appreciation to Davido, Shank and the team in Ghana who made his stay worthwhile.

Kai Cenat promised to visit both countries in December with his family and friends as this was an experience he wanted all of them to partake in and enjoy.

Some reactions to his video below

@🤷🏼 said: “He go taste Yoruba jollof Dey complain say pepper Dey inside“

@Orok_Nsisong🇳🇬 claimed: “he said it’s spicy he is not a fan of spicy food datz y ? doesn’t mean ours wasn’t better😂🥰🥰“

@patimeh added: “At least he mentioned davido and shank’s name,we didn’t hear any Ghanaian name🤣🤣“

@Humble Nigerian asked: “Who give am yoruba jollof. You never see anything“

@nwokonta added: “Keep consoling Ghana they need it😉😂😂“

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