“Who is an upcoming influencer” – Iyabo Ojo involves in a heated fiight with Isbae U in a recent interview, video trends (Watch

A recent interview of popular Nigerian comedian Isbae U tagged “Curiosity made me ask” where Iyabo Ojo was the guest has surfaced online and by extension become one of the trending conversations on Instagram.

While Iyabo Ojo is well known to be on a different level when she wears her black bonnet, was a combination of comedy and heated argument.

It all started after Isbae U refers to Iyabo Ojo as a former celebrity and a struggling TikTok influencer during the interview.

This does not go down well with Iyabo Ojo as she gives him a bombastic side eye for referring to her in such ways even though he comes to her house to do the interview.

Clearly aware of the controversial nature of Iyabo Ojo, Isbae U refers to the thespian by her popular name, and the thespian responds by adding “Queen Mother” to her name.

One of the highlights from the interview was when Isbae U said fans of Iyabo Ojo  used to call her amazing actress and well dressed but she is the contrary at this moment, Iyabo Ojo was ready to tear Isbae U apart.

Isbae U however bowed for Iyabo Ojo when the actress dared the comedian to call her by her nickname “Shepeteri” and Isbae U couldn’t even utter a word.

Isbae U also talked about people calling Iyabo Ojo clout chaser and her involvement in the justice for Mohbad.

Watch a video below;