“Why Don’t You Dress Like This For Me Your Husband” – Mr Macaroni Question ‘Mummy Wa’ As She Shares New Sultry Pictures

The majority of us are fairly familiar with Mummy Wa, whose real name is Kemi Ikuseedun.

She is a young woman who first gained notoriety when she began portraying Mr. Macaroni’s wife in their cartoons films a few years ago.

As these two continue to produce additional entertainment featuring these characters, Mr. Macaroni also has Daddy Wa.

Mummy Wa posted additional photos of herself on her Instagram account in response to this, claiming that she was in the spirit of Christmas and wanted to tease her followers with the posts.

When Kemi Ikuseedun doesn’t wear her comedic outfit from Mummy Wa, she unquestionably transforms into a different person.

Mr. Macaroni was heard shouting, “Haa Mummy Wa why you no dey dress like this for your husband, Mummy Wa answers saying that her orange comedy suit is the greatest in town,” while fans and celebrities, including Daddy Wa, reacted to these photographs.

This may be one of Mr. Macaroni and Kemi Ikuseedun’s favorite internet moments because they have provided humorous relief both online and off.

See Their conversation below