Why I Apply My Own Blood on My Face to Look Young – Tiwa Savage. (Video)

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage is now 42 years old and the mother of one looks as good as ever. Tiwa has incredible skin and for years, fans have been dying to know her skincare routine.

Finally, Tiwa got together with the people at Vogue and revealed for the first time her full skincare routine which is very detailed, and very “interesting” to say the least, especially the part about her face cream.

Without further ado, here is the breakdown Tiwa Savage gave to Vogue about her skincare routine. Here’s what she said.

Speaking to Vogue about how she maintains her youthful, beautiful look, Tiwa Savage said:

I’m going to be telling you about my skincare routine.

Face Wash. Because I wear individual lashes, I have to go around my eyes very gently.

Balancing Toner. Growing up in Nigeria, I had black soap for my face and cocoa butter all over my skin. It was really during lockdown that I really got into skincare. I started researching into things and trying to get rid of my pigmentation.

The next thing I use is eye cream. This is a must that I use every day and night. I spend more time on skincare than I do on makeup. For like a couple of years now, I’ve actually stopped using foundation. Even when I’m performing on stage, even for photoshoots, videos, nothing. And this was something that Naomi Campbell told me. She doesn’t use foundation or hardly uses foundation. I was like, if it works for Naomi, it’s definitely gonna work for me cause she’s stunning and I stopped using it. It takes a while for you to get used to it but that’s where that inner confidence comes in.

My next step is a serum from Obagi. I love this Serum. When I was younger, I moved from Nigeria to the UK and at that time to be honest, there weren’t that many girls my complexion being represented in the beauty space. I actually tried to bleach my skin. So I was using these products like, to make you lighter, and I remember my mom coming in the room one day and she saw these products and she was so disappointed and she just tried to affirm how beautiful my skin was. It was such an emotional time for her because she just felt like, oh my goodness, she had to teach me how to appreciate my skin. But now, with the inclusion of darker skin tones, it’s so much easier and so much better.

Face cream. This face cream is actually very, very special to me. Dr. Barbara actually takes my blood and she takes the plasma from my blood to make this face cream. Only for me. Only for Tiwa. And I usually mix it with the sun drops as well because that’s another misconception of girls my complexion thinking they don’t need to protect their skin from the sun, but it is so important. And honestly, when I go out or when I’m even at home, I use it, everyday. And I finish it off with a Tata Harper Spring Mist.

Video below