Why I Was Pained When Oxlade and Fireboy Blew – Spyro

Nigerian singer Spyro most popular for songs like “Who’s Your Guy?” and “Only Fine Girl” is opening up now during a new interview with media personality Taymesan about why he was pained and frustrated to see artistes Oxlade and Fireboy DML blow before him.

Spyro has been in the music industry for a long time, and during the interview, he got very honest about his feelings and disappointment seeing Oxlade and Fireboy especially blow before he did. Here’s what Spyro had to say.

Speaking about why he was pained to see Fireboy and Oxlade blow before him, Spyro said:

SPYRO: I’ve been doing music for a long time. I paid for a song to be on NotJustOk which was a big platform back then. So I’m telling you how [long I’ve been in the game]. When Fireboy come blow, I come be like “hey God! I still dey here and Fireboy don go”. And all those times, God was teaching me that it’s not about you, it’s not about what you can do, it’s by my grace. Oxlade too. I mean, before Oxlade blew, na me. Oxlade was in my show in 2018 that I brought Davido, Mayorkun. I had a song with Davido and Mayorkun in 2018. I thought that was gonna be it. “Funke” was quite big then so I thought that was it. I did a show then, Oxlade came. I would post Oxlade and say guys watch out for this guy, he’s bad. Oxlade go dey my DM dey thank me. I just see Oxlade again, he blow! I said God, what’s going on?

Na Oxlade and Fireboy own wey pain me pass. Like I’m happy that they blew at the time they blew but these were people that literally were like smallies before. So it was so painful for me. It was frustrating for me. I would cry. I would struggle. Na why people no understand when I carry Jesus on my head.

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