‘You did movie, it didn’t go far. You did music, you failed’ -Actor Jigan tells Dayo Amusa

The Yoruba movie industry is in great turmoil after popular Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju better known as Bobrisky was announced as the Best Dressed Female at a movie premiere.

Recall that the movie premiere Ajakaju “Beast of two worlds” produced by Eniola Ajao was held on Sunday March 24th 2024 at Circle Mall, Lekki.

At the star-studded event filled with actresses and actors, Bobrisky was chosen by the judges as the Best Dressed Female and actor Femi Adebayo was the one who announced the winner then accompanied it with N1million reward to Bobrisky for bagging the award.

This development did not go down well with Dayo Amusa who opined that the winner of the Best Dressed Female can be anyone but not a crossdresser.

She moved on by berating Femi Adebayo for announcing Bobrisky as the winner of the Best Dressed Female.

The statement by Dayo Amusa did not sit well with Femi Adebayo wife known as Aladuke stressing that she is quick to bring her husband down knowing fully well that he was just a presenter at the award. She added that Karma will visit Dayo Amusa as she is just a hypocrite.

She said; “You all are quick to bring people down. How does the person who present an award be blamed for it? So if AMVCA gives an award to someone you believe is not deserving, you’ll blame the presenter of the award and not the AMVCA or judges?!!! Where are your brains? Well I don’t blame you all, I blame the so called colleagues (enemies disguised as friends) Who find it easier to publicly call you out at every opportunity rather than putting a call through to you! Femi is damn too hardworking and supportive! Madam, karma will visit you soon because you know Femi was only asked to present ! Your call out was definitely Intentional and hypocritical!”

Reacting to this, Dayo Amusa claps back at Femi Adebayo’s wife for calling her enemies in disguise and hypocrites stressing that she should not try to push her too far.

In her words; It’s cool to want to defend your own ALADUKE! I respect you for that but throwing banta only shows how shallow minded you are. He has to own up to it, take responsibility for his actions and do the needful. No one is an enemy in disguise. Hypocrisy doesn’t exist here. I said all I said and I stand firmly on it. DON’T PUSH THIS TOO FAR’ .

Throwing his weight behind his wife, Femi Adebayo accuses Dayo Amusa of trying to bring her down because of his success in the movie industry. Femi added that Dayo Amusa should channel her energy into her career.

‘I now see that you truly want to come for me! You have actually done it with the wrongest person Dayo. If my success is your problem you can never have rest of mind because I have just started! It’s advisable you channel your energy to your career and not be too busy on bringing me down’

Dayo Amusa however wasted no time to respond to Femi Adebayo, she said; ‘I am disappointed at you Femi. For you to think that your success is a problem to me, your thinking is so shallow. You are thinking like a duck. I am never sad at anybody’s success. Ode ni e Femi. I thought your IQ was high.”

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Movin on, Jigan Babaoja drums support for Femi Adaboyo as he drags Dayo Amusa to filth following her said response.

Jigan Babaoja refers to Dayo Amusa as a failed actress and musician. in her words;

‘You did movie, it didn’t go far. You did music, you failed’

Dayo uttered; ‘Jigan I saw everything you posted. Don’t let me insult you. You can’t use me to be running mouth on the social media. RESPECT YOURSELF .”

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Replying, Jigan Babaoja says; ‘Dayo Amusa you are mentioning my name on your live video. if I kick you, you will h!t your head on the floor. Are you crazy?’

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Responding to Jigan BabaOja, Dayo Amusa showered him with heavy curses.

In her words; ‘Jigan you must be m*d. Who are you referring to? Do you want to d!e untimely this year? Do you want your people to c*y over you? You usel*ss thing that Baba T brought into Nollywood some years back.”

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