“You have changed my life forever” – Nigerian man breakdown in tears as American content creator gifts him N150m ($100K), car, Macbook

A Nigerian man facing financial difficulties abroad finds himself incredibly fortunate after encountering an American content creator who gifted him $100K, a car, and a Macbook.

Kayode, as he is known, was engrossed in reading at the library when he caught the attention of TikTok influencer, Zachery Dereniowski.

Interestingly, before sharing his story, Zachery had initially approached Kayode, asking for food. Without hesitation, Kayode generously offered him a pack of food.

Zachery gifted him $1000 and Kayode’s story deeply moved many after revealing his struggle to cover his tuition fees and rent abroad.

However, this was just the beginning of Kayode’s blessings as Zachery returned with even more generosity, presenting Kayode with a remarkable gift of $100K (an equivalence of N159 million), a brand-new car, and a MacBook laptop.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Kayode was moved to tears, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the American content creator and all those who contributed to improving his life.

Reactions as Nigerian man gets $100K and others from Zachery Dereniowski

Gidi Studios said: “On behalf of all Yorubas in Nigeria, we all say THANK YOU ALL for the love towards our brother…Kayode.”

CCbyNiyola |UGC said: “Kayode!! I’m so happy for you. Your name fulfilled its meaning in your life.”

enisweeps said: “His name Kayode means “he who brings joy”. He will definitely bring joy to his family after this blessing. Thank you from Nigeria.”

Desola said: “This made me cry. Thanks to everyone who made this happen for Kayode, you’re all blessed May God send helpers our way at all times.”

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