“You looks so much like Saka” – Man who shares striking resemblance with Arsenal player trends

A video of a young man goes viral online as many are wowed by his striking resemblance with Arsenal player, Bukayo Saka.

The young man identified himself on the social media platform, Tiktok as Saka and many were moved to draw attention to his uncanny resemblance with the footballer.

He declared that he looks so much like the real Saka and many netizen made no attempt to disagree with him on that.

Some have opined that he might even be related to the English player.

Read the comments from netizens:

@Washington Gh said: “Saka in dream league soccer.”

@saninho boy commented: “Saka with low-budget.”

@joelpeters355 said: “Nawa ooo, we get Nigeria Rashford now saka don come now.”

@opone Samuel said: “Saka stop downloading at 72%.”

@Mikelento commented: “Bro looks like Saka more than Saka himself.”

@Tony said: “Looks more like Saka than Saka.”

@kekehomncane joked: “If Arsenal plays their cards right they can sell this dude to Chelsea for 100 million.”

@TENGO DINERO said: “Let’s be serious. This guy resembles Saka, honestly.”

Watch the video below:


I look like saka too much 🤩#bukayosaka87#trending

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