“You should know when to walk away from such situations” Dr Rommel on ending his friendship with Faith Morey (video)

Dr Rommel has been on a row about his cast mates from the Real Housewives of Lagos show, and his most recent ‘muse’ is Faith Morey.

In an interview with Chude Jide, Dr Rommel recounted how close he was with Faith Morey, and that they were often on lengthy phone calls with each other, planning stuff together on how to build themselves.

Apart from those lengthy phone calls, Dr Rommel claimed that he had taken Faith Morey to his home, and that she had met his family. This shows just how close they were at some point, even though right now, they’re at each other necks.

While narrating the story of his friendship with Morey, he stated that he very much admired her, but she switched up on him all of a sudden, and in his own words, she back-s*****d him. He claimed that she went as far as asking the organizers of the show to remove him from the show, but his place was already cemented in the show.

On his own part, Dr Rommel stated that he would have preferred that they come to a consensus, or even talk things out, if Faith Morey thought that he would outshine her on the show, or even if she wasn’t comfortable with their friendship. What do you think was the reason behind Faith Morey taking a step back from Dr Rommel?

In concluding his narration of his beef with Faith Morey, Dr Rommel stated that he was a good friend to Faith Morey, but she showed him a different side of herself, and that people should know when to walk away from such situations. When Chude Jide asked him whether the friendship was still ongoing, he slammed the gavel on their friendship by saying it was over.

Despite the fact that Dr Rommel claimed that his friendship with Faith Morey was over, it is clear that he wanted to work things out with her. Do you think there’s any chance of a rekindled friendship between both parties?