“You want to K!ll Sabinus” —Sharon Ooja makes two unusual requests if Sabinus wants her to Sleep with him (Video)

Nollywood actress, Sharon Ooja has alerted famous skit maker, Sabinus on what he needs to get done if he wants a relationship with her.

Recall Hitgist reported that Sabinus joined Lege’s online matchmaking platform in search of a girlfriend.

The comedian also stated his intentions in having a romantic relationship with Sharon Ooja.

The actress said she had two requirements for Sabinus to show that he is serious about her during a recent Instagram live session.

Firstly, she asked Sabinus to make a video of himself hanging from a billboard in Lagos to prove his love for her.

After Sabinus consented, she made her second request, asking him to eat twenty-five extremely spicy wings in 25 seconds.

Lege Miami told the actress to simply say she is not into him following her absurd requests.

Sharon Ooja revealed that she is not a materialistic girl because everything is not about money. She just wants to know how serious he is.

Check out netizens reactions below

Royalty said: “Sharon dey ment even for inside the cruise. Small pikin sense”

Z2HTV penned: “Everything is not money but you want him to dangle on a billboard in Lagos.”

VERIFIED homie noted: “Sabinus nah mumu man em fit go do am”

CHILD OF GRACE wrote: “Lege sef don dey feel for Sabinus🤣🤣🤣 – Sharon if you no like am tell am say you no like am na🤣🤣”