“You want to spoil my name after Eveything I’ve done for you, I took good care of your wife when she came crying to me that….” —Kwam1 Finally react to his former drummer, Kunle Ayanlowo allegations (Video)

Nigerian Fuji Maestro King Wasiu Ayinde, also referred to as Kwam1 or K1 have finally addressed the accusations made against him by his drummer Kunle Ayanlowo y

Hitgist reported a day back that Kunle, in an interview, opened up on his time working with him as he recounted how Kwam1 treated him and others as a slave. He claimed that the Fuji singer always seized their passports anytime they traveled and returned to Nigeria.

Kunle added that he worked with K1 for 32 years and achieved nothing as he lived in fear throughout his time with him.

He noted how people only see his good side, but don’t know who he really is behind the scenes. See video here.

Reacting to his allegations via his Instagram page, Kwam1 told him to stop lying as he admonished liars and naysayers to get away from him.

He noted how Kunle was trying to damage his reputation, meanwhile, he was the one who raised him when he was a nobody.

Kwam1 admonished his fans to disassociate themselves from liars as they have nothing to gain from school people.

“Lairs and naysayers get away from me, stop lying. Trying to damage the reputation that raised you when you were a nobody. Disassociate from liars, you have nothing to gain from them”.