“Your colleagues will be coming to you for food” —Pastor Adeboye declares as he prays over his congregants

Redeemed Christian Church of God is currently trending after their lead pastor, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, made a viral statement.

In a video which was first shared on their social platforms, Adeboye is seen on the pulpit preaching and praying over his congregants. However, a particular line of prayer which he said for the congregants got the attention of a lot of netizens and Nigerians alike.

He declared that going forward, the colleagues of everybody that was on the congregants would come to ask them for food. He stated, “your colleagues will be coming to you for food.”

But he didn’t end there. He also went on to reveal that even in their respective families, they would become the ones that people would come to ask for things.

Some netizens queried this line of prayer, expressing that while it looked beneficial, it was also not a good prayer since you are likely benefiting from someone else’s suffering.

Other netizens commented on how they would want to grow with everybody around them and that instead of praying for people to come to you to ask for help, a better prayer would have been to pray for everyone.

This video was first posted on Twitter but it has now since been deleted. However, the video was captured by some netizens before it was deleted. Also recall that back in November of 2023, Pastor Adebayo had revealed that he had fasted for 40 days and 40 nights at the ripe age of 80.

He also disclosed how it had been a directive from God and while it had been difficult for him to do, he had managed to complete it. Also, back in December, Pastor Adebayo had prophesied about his death, even giving detailed instances of how he would die.

A particular statement he made also caught the attention of netizens. He disclosed that he would die after a well-prepared meal of pounded yam and soup.